Tweets during FIFA

Well, we have got one more reason to thank social media – For making every sports event a lot more talk-able!

Be it the FIFA World Cup or the ongoing Cricket World cup, the online brotherhood joins in and tweets like there is no tomorrow. They track every match update on social and even though a lot of them are miles apart there is no iota of compromise on the passion and excitement they share. There already exists a huge number of fan pages and also banter pages of teams, players etc wherein one finds the quirkiest of content.

So, when Virat Kohli was offered water from 12th man of the Pakistani Cricket Team or when Luis Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini at the FIFA 14, it became a viral trend immediately.

M.S.Dhoni might have mastered the art of being cooler than ice but not the Tweeteratis! From funny to impassioned to angry to sceptical to trolling– all these and much more is how fans react to sports events.

Check this infographic below and find out the astounding numbers of social media tweets recorded during different tournaments. Also, leave a comment and tell us in which of these events did you contribute a tweet or two? !

By Team Efluencr Feb 17, 2015

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