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For Brands

Take your brand building initiatives to the next level by empowering your existing ecosystem of evangelists. Move beyond random posts and aimless spending of dollars on digital; explore the domain of advocacy marketing to get better visibility, increased leads and a share of voice beyond competition with efluencr. Invest right to influence perceptions and expand your business.

For Employees

Empower your employees and transform them into your digital ambassadors. Studies show that happy and engaged employees are two times more productive and responsible for up to 80% of customer satisfaction. Complement your digital marketing initiatives with their magic to achieve unparalleled success in the digital space.

For Agencies

Because clients can be happy too! We know we had you at happy! Efluencr can be the Big Idea that you pitch to your clients. A tool that lets you create/craft an ecosystem that your client can not not ignore or agree to. Contact us to help you add that X factor in your business proposals.

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