In this digital age, peer-to-peer recommendations always work wonders. They are, in fact, one of the most powerful advertising tools that one can leverage these days. And since every brand is thirsty for growth, brand advocacy has now become a rather necessary evil.
Here are a few reasons for you to opt for an advocacy platform:

1.Refined message

Most brands have a presence on multiple platforms in the digital world and multiple messages are published in each of these platforms on a daily basis. However, not all of these messages are important. To know which ones are and which aren’t, you need a brand advocacy platform to refine these messages and broadcast only the important ones to your evangelists.

2.Get over guerrilla marketing
Gone are the days when a budding agency with ten employees could sit around in a basement and create an online buzz using fake profiles. Contrary to that, brands now really need to focus on creating a credible and genuine voice. This is the era of true evangelism.

3.Increased share of voice
Much has been said about the reduced organic reach of Facebook but not many mention how you can increase your organic reach by using a ‘brand advocacy platform’. It is but an algorithm that makes it possible. For instance, when an employee shares a post, it is visible to 50% of his or her connections. But when a brand publishes a post, it is visible to only 2% of its fan base.
More the number of engaged employees, better the percentage of your brand’s online share of voice.

4.Reputation control in the hands of the brand
An advocacy platform not only helps in amplifying positive news but it also acts like a Central Disaster Response Center (CDRC) which helps in handling reputation issues. More the number of engaged advocates, lesser the chances of a brand becoming the butt of all internet jokes.

5.Reduced requirement of social ads
Facebook ad budgets for a page with 100k likes end up being around $25k to $50k. And even that doesn’t ensure the visibility of every published post. Better results can be achieved by engaging just 500 employees. Also, according to Marketing Charts, brand advocates are 50% more likely to influence a purchase.

6.Engaged employees, happy workforce
Fat paychecks, light workloads, and countless vacation days don’t necessarily ensure happy employees. Engaging your employees is considered to be important to make them content. It can be done with the help of a brand advocacy platform. Creating positive perception about your brand and engaging your employees will lead to better productivity and happy environment. By creating and sharing content, employees will feel more connected to the company.

7.Better return on Investment (ROI)
Increased share of voice, better reputation, amplified message promotion, all of this with reduced ad budgets leads to better ROI!

8.Better recruitment
Engaged employees help create an environment that has a perfect balance of work and fun. And the ongoing positive word of mouth/referrals they generate in the online world helps the brand in getting better recruitment.

9.Multi to multi propagation
Brand advocacy platform acts like a single platform where the evangelists or advocates can consume the important information about the brand published on various social platforms and propagate those messages on their social networking profiles with a single click!

Amplified reach, increased share of voice, better ROI and a happy work force….Brand advocacy is indeed the magic sauce that is required in the social world today.

By Team Efluencr Nov 13, 2014

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