Happy employees are the only evangelists you will ever need! Most often or not initiating and maintaining this happiness quotient becomes a function of the HR department in any company. Human Resource aka Happiness Resource as we like to call them, conduct numerous activities to engage the employees to keep cheery and satisfied faces all around. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a part of this engagement extends on to the digital world with selected employees being the brand ambassadors?

Employees are the biggest assets for any company. And the brilliant aspect is that they already are influencers and decision makers in their own circle. The key is to leverage their influence to contribute towards brand awareness, visibility and sales. A quick look at the Facebook algorithm will tell you what potential do your employees hold in the company’s success.

Now expand this effect across the entire digital space and you would be looking at hijacking the digital world with a unison voice; a voice that is trusted, genuine and happy! Advocacy is not a result of technology, but a product of culture. Period. This is one of the most crucial metrics to determine success on social.

Offline HR initiatives when translated on to the digital world can bring in genuine engagement, content amplification, better market reputation and increased revenues. One shot, many targets! To know more about this revolutionary concept, check out the demo here.

PS: If your employees aren’t your biggest fans, you have got problems much bigger than social media.