The social world has always been bucketed into paid, owned and earned media. While it has worked extremely well for businesses and brands all these years, what has changed is the fact that the dependence on paid media has amplified like crazy!

According to us, the classic trio (paid, owned and earned media) had to be expanded to a model that truly explores the power of digital media. And that is why we added a fourth pillar to it, i.e. Shared Media.

Shared media essentially constitutes of a brand’s employees, distributors, franchises, friends and family that can be empowered to become the digital champions of the brand. Any brand should be looking at adding this pillar to their digital strategy because of the following reasons:

  • Your employees, distributors, franchises etc are already influencers in their space. Imagine the kind of impact they can generate by circulating a WhatsApp message highlighting either a new product launch or discounts on prime products! If done right, it will change the way brands look at influencer marketing and hyper-personalised marketing.
  • According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising. This mode of communication is what worked with the caveman. And we think they did one hell of a job at surviving and thriving! It worked well then and it will work now.
  • Shared media helps reduce the dependence on paid ads and empowers the brands to become the champions of true evangelism. We can already see the marketing head smiling!
  • It also helps foster better working environment and create an army that loves the brand! What else could an organization ask for! Yes, now we see the HR department smiling!

Any brand that sincerely adopts shared media will have an extra dose of credibility in its marketing initiatives; will out do its competition without splurging much on online ads; will succeed in creating and managing employee first and customer first framework in parallel; will have finally cracked the code of viral marketing.