Social is not about 2 Facebook posts, 4 Tweets and a random blog. It needs to be much more and beyond this. Providing slightly quirky content, yes, everybody does that. Everybody does realize that content is the king but what matters is as brands you need to continuously create differentiators that audiences will remember you for. Create content that people see time and again through social sharing, thereby harping on earned media and increasing brand’s overall share of voice.

Apple is a brilliant example for it. It is one of the brands that made standing in queues so much cooler! With almost no marketing budget and features more or less derivates of what other phones have, Apple products have succeeded in creating ripples because of Apple aficionados and evangelists who talk about it.

This is where we want to consciously plug-in the concept of Advocacy Marketing. The concept technically is to involve your internal stakeholders, i.e. your employees, channel partners, distributors etc in the digital promotion activities in an easy and effective manner.

Remember that time when your CMO questioned you about digital ROI and you struggled to define it even for yourself? Well, with efluencr you can kiss goodbye to such confusions and embarrassments. Efluencr is about leveraging the power of your existing evangelists, the ones that are already incentivised and amplifying everything that you already do on social. But most importantly, it is about deriving ROI that you achieve from it.

It by no means, shape or form is the replacement of your current digital marketing activities; it is but a genuinely complementary effort, the final cog in the wheel.