Client Tantrums

‘This creative is not aesthetically appealing.’

Looks good, but the logo is too large. Please make it 100% smaller.

‘Oh this white is not white enough, make it whiter’. 

I don’t have time to learn how to unzip a file.

This my friend comes from a community that more or less regards itself as God’s gift to earth. But ask mere mortals and some (un)fortunate social media professionals, they would describe this community in 3 words: ‘Clients From Hell‘!

Yes, they are the ones because of whom we get our bread and butter but sometimes clients say the most absurd and funny things and all you can do is just nod and agree to them. There is no end to their expectations!

Here are some funny one liners that we have heard from our clients. If you run or are part of a digital media agency, we are sure you would have heard even worse! Feel free to share those with us.

Itne paise mein itna hi milega!  

Client tantrums 1

Try putting your glasses maybe. #JustSaying 



The philosophy!



And after this mail, the designer will jump off the building!  *good-bye world* 



Hum maze dene ke liye thode na baithe hain!  



‘Best’ toh perception ki baat hai!  



Can you be more sensible? 



Talk to the hand!   



Yes sure, how about swine flu?  



And also with half the brain and half the creativity!  



Must be the right time to retire.  






P.S. – We totally and absolutely love our clients, this article is just a figment of our blogger’s imagination!

By Team Efluencr Mar 13, 2015

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