FRANCHISE – an authorization granted by a government or company to an individual or group enabling them to carry out specified commercial activities, for example acting as an agent for a company’s products.

Franchise is one of the best ways to grow a business. It means more hands and more resources for growth. Wherever you are, be it a metro or a city, franchisees of world famous brands is a common sight nowadays. This expansive business model has empowered consumers with a power of accessing the prevalent trends of globalized world.  May be this is the main reason why visiting a Zara, Levis or Forever 21 showroom gives an aspirational push to a shopper than shopping in traditional markets.

A franchise is the face of your brand. In other words, it carries the reputation and goodwill of a brand over its operations. Similarly, the managers and retail staff working within such franchisees are the actual ambassadors who keep the brand’s flag fly high in front of the customers with great interactions and positive experiences.

While that is true, the brands currently are able to do little to make this enormous army into their digital ambassadors. Think about a brand with 500 franchises, 20 people working in every franchise [10,000 brand ambassadors] and what will happen when they go on digital and start talking, start promoting and take on the role of evangelists for the brand.


This is where Efluencr – India’s first brand advocacy platform comes in. We offer a promising proposition to the marketing heads on how to connect with the franchise staff and motivate them to improve their performance at work. The concept works simply over a mobile application where brand heads / digital marketers / HR heads can connect with their precious manpower, inform them about organizational vision & guide them to achieve such brand growth goals. Appointing this manpower as ambassadors over social media fulfills internal goals of employee engagement as well as make way for employee branding.

At Efluencr, we make it extremely easy (click and go) for these people to become brand ambassadors for your brand. Integrating this with your digital marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Forums, News/PR and on and on). Not only so we empower this “brand’s internal network of stakeholders”, we also let the brand reward the participating employees via a gamified point based system.

Once brands set this plan in action, all they have to do is sit back, relax and witness humongous returns on this ripe investment. This is the new wave of preparing the digi-savvy franchisee staff and delegating digital power to the booming franchisee model in India.

So, are you interested in delegating power to your franchisee staff? If yes, then here’s your call to enroll for a PROJECT TRIAL of Efluencr and watch your brand grow.

By Team Efluencr Dec 24, 2015

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