What’s efluencr?

efluencr is a dashboard that makes your online presence a lot simpler, organized and resourceful. Be it news, social media, official/unofficial websites or networking platforms; efluencr allows you to optimize your presence on the world wide web. It isn’t a mere organizer that helps you compile your work, it is a tool which manages multiple social profiles so that your Brand evangelists can help you increase your share of voice [SOV] as well as build your online reputation [ORM]. And best of all, it works on your desktop as well as mobile.

What can I do with it?

The online world is a dynamic medium. Information is updated continuously and quickly. Before you popularize a news story, a big launch or an innovative idea, the news is already lost in the mammoth pile of information. Or there are times when you do not wish to highlight negative news and by the time you take it off the web, the damage has already been done. Enter, efluencr to your rescue! From forums to Facebook, manage all the online activities about your Brand from one platform. All that you need to do is have the news clicked & shared by enough people to generate positivity. Efluencr lets you achieve this through your existing Brand evangelists.

Who are my Brand evangelists?

Friends and family of the Brand, stakeholders, channel distributors, employees/employers and customers; basically all the people who are some way or the other associated with your Brand are your Brand evangelists. All these people are here to say good things about your Brand. Collaborate and integrate all this conversation and voila, you have already made it big! Say goodbye to paid ads and chaotic excel sheets now. Also, with efluencr’s multiple login levels; you can now easily monitor and create reports too.

How does it save my time?

The beauty of online media is its speed and the endless frequent upgradation it offers. Efluencr provides improved customer service, a higher retention rate of existing customers and faster conversion of prospective customers. All that you wish to highlight is filtered at one common place where all your evangelists are also present. So you can save time, effort and expenditure yet reach a larger audience. It is an idiot proof system to get the job done in 5 minutes!

How will you transform any negative news into positive ones?

Your ‘Existing Brand Evangelists’ are closely associated with the Brand and therefore become a credible and authentic source of information. This helps immensely in changing the perspective of the audience. Imagine a negative news story is published about you with negative or no comments versus the same negative news with some negative comments along with 20 positive comments by your ‘Existing Brand Evangelists’. Suddenly, the negative is not negative anymore.

Does it help in the ORM of our Brand?

It does help in the online reputation management of a Brand as it is used to transform negative comments into positive ones. It also takes away the need to ever engage into spamming and/or guerrilla marketing. Your true evangelists are out there guarding the Brand.

How will I ensure only authorized people will be able to access information?

The multiple login level ensures that only the right people are able to access the information. The top management include the admin, agency, Brand head and Brand manager. This set of people decide the what information should be shown to the users who are further divided into 3 levels*. (*The levels are decided on the basis of the performance and influencing capabilities of the users)

Will a customer need to access the tool using a computer?

Well, yes and no both. Yes, you can access the tool via your computer but with the efluencr mobile app, you can access the tool on the go!

How does mobile application help?

The mobile version of the platform helps you in anywhere, anytime promotion of the Brand that you love and are associated with.

How do I use it as an agency?

As an agency, you can use the tool for multiple Brands that you work for (Our interface lets you maintain the confidentiality of your Brands). Visit here to know more

How to choose my Brand on the tool?

You just need to login and select your Brand from the given options. And you will see your Brand details and content to be shared online.

Can I manage multiple Brands as an agency?

Yes. One can manage multiple Brands as an agency.

Will I be able to customize the tool for my Brand?

Yes, you will be able to customize the look and feel of the tool in correspondence with the Brand you are associated with.

Will everyone get to see that my Brand is using efluencr?

No. What the world will see is the collective voice of all the evangelists in a highly synchronised and effective manner which will further help in the Brand building efforts.

Will my evangelists’ data be shared with other Brands?

The data of your evangelists will not be shared with other Brands; ‘Customer Confidentiality’ or should we term it as ‘Evangelist Confidentiality’ is one of our top priorities.

Will I be able to approve/disapprove people on my Brand?

You can easily approve/disapprove people on your Brand. The Brand administration levels (Brand manager and top management) have that authority. You will also be able to remove people as and when needed.

Is there any mechanism to measure the performance?

Reports will be available on the dashboard and will be updated real time. You will be able to analyze the usage of tool for your Brand.

Will I be able to see what impact is being generated?

The analysis will be provided in the form of reports so that a Brand can very well understand the results of their efforts. These reports are only available to authorized people (Brand manager and top management).

Can I contact people through mails?

Absolutely! efluencr provides mailing and SMS capability to contact your evangelists.

Can one user see what other user is doing?

No. The user confidentiality and Brand confidentiality is considered extremely important by the efluencr team.

Where can I promote my posts?

Efluencr works across the internet on all potential sites. Efluencr enables you to promote your Brand activities on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Forums, News sites, etc via a single dashboard.

What does EOD update list include?

It includes the day to day work details i.e. the number of posts shared, number of discussions in industry specific forums etc. It is only available to the top management of the Brand.