Employee Advocacy for Inexpensive Marketing

‘Your brand is not what it says. It is what its people say.’

Brands dealing in clothing, cosmetics, electronics and other similar categories spend whopping amounts on marketing their product right, creating brand awareness and establishing a brand identity like no other. In case of service industry like healthcare more than anything else it’s the word-of-mouth that creates a brand image. It’s a competitive world and every brand/service is trying to establish itself as the ace through different marketing mix where employee advocacy takes a little corner at the back.

Employee Advocacy at its core is basically promotion of a brand/organisation by its staff members. And for service sector players like hospitals, its employees are gold. Ranging from a Ward Boy to the Senior Doctors everyone can be a digital evangelist of the hospital they work for. The hospitals are no longer just 4 walls with a doctor and a patient; the relationship has extended to digital mediums like Whatsapp and Facebook. Establishment of such a channel between the stakeholders of the hospital and its patients can be leveraged through the Efluencr App (Which we will talk about later). It can be used by hospitals to empower doctors and assistant staff as their digital ambassadors or intermediaries who disseminate the brand message to the patients and initiate branded conversations on digital space to add to hospital’s online reputation.

Employee Advocacy if done right can benefit the hospitals in ways one too many. For example: A hospital with 30 branches pan-India and 100 doctors in each branch and about 10 patients with each doctor can tap on the strong communication network and spread branded content to at least 3,000 patients with practically no budget spend; just the Efluencr App.

With Efluencr App, available on Google Play Store and App Store it’s easy to track/monitor each doctor’s performance in terms of digital amplification. The stakeholder amplification tool has point-based gamification concept that lends accountability to the tool. Based on the key metrics like message sharing / commenting, hospitals can reward the brand advocates with redemption points. Take a trial before you take your call.

By Team Efluencr Jan 07, 2016

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