We see brands boasting about their successful campaigns crediting the creative and the marketing team for their contribution, but are they the ONLY ones behind the success? Have brands been insignificant to the efforts of their employees? Are brands even recognizing their in-house advocates?

Well, the answer is Yes and No. A few global brands like McDonalds and Twitter have managed to identify and leverage their in-house brand advocates for enhancing their online reputation whereas few still struggle through the competition.

Here’s a quick guide for brands to get better at spotting and grooming their internal advocates.

1. Make Great Content
Quality has triumphed over quantity since the beginning of time. Brands and agencies create, upload and share 1500 content pieces every single day. And in this cut-throat competitive environment, it’s unfortunate to see brands publish mediocre level content. We say, in this area, there’s no place for mediocre; only the stellar will stay.

Lesson 1: Do it right or don’t do it at all!

2. Hire People With Infectious Energy
Imagine a workspace with people limited to their desktop screens and barely striking conversations. No brewing of ideas over coffee, no exchange of thoughts and of course no connect at large; sounds horrific to us! It’s important for brands to hire people who are gifted with infectious energy, if not; people who are willing to go beyond the ‘job description’ are the ones the brands should look for. Such people go out of their way to ensure individual and organisational growth.

Lesson 2: They are your potential brand advocates.

3. Introduce Employee Advocacy
Stop using traditional methods of promoting your branded content. Widen your horizon and switch to newer ways to showcase your content. Try employee advocacy, it’s the way forward! Cut the social media cluttering of brands and go out to people via people (your people). An employee advocacy tool like Efluencr ensures that the brand evangelists can shout out loud about their brand on digital space with just a simple click. It’s as easy as cakewalk! Just take a free trial or contact our experts.

Lesson 3: Either you evolve, or you dissolve.

4. Be The Happiness Manager
Make your evangelists/employees feel like at home. Professionally satisfied employees are more likely to share branded content than others who’re not. Not just the Human Resource Department, it’s also the Top Management’s responsibility to ensure two-way communication process and dual-benefit programmes. With Efluencr’s unique gamification system, the brand manager or HR can fairly gratify the active evangelists for their deeds and motivate the inactive ones.

Lesson 4: Let your people be your brand’s voice.

5. Promote People Behind The Brand
At the end of the day, a company’s success depends on its employees. With Efluencr’s gamification system, brands can evaluate each evangelist’s contribution to the success of campaigns, hence simplifying the recognition and gratification process. Employees-turned-brand-advocates should be a part of the brand’s success stories. Praise them, write recommendation letters and reward them in kind.

Lesson 5: Show your appreciation for your evangelist’s assistance.

It’s easier to meet organisational goals, if individual goals are met. Businesses and employees should value each other’s existence and assistance in order to ensure a healthy, on-going relationship. Take the employee advocacy route with Efluencr!

By Team Efluencr Feb 27, 2016

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