What did Snapdeal hire Aamir for? There is a very interesting relationship between brands and celebrities that we are getting to experience over last few months. The call for banning Amitabh and Madhuri movies over the Maggi issue and now the ‘uninstalls’ on Snapdeal. While brands love to associate with a celebrity for its star-power for great visibility and communication impact, there are risks to it. And ‘Boot Out Snapdeal fiasco’ is the perfect example to show the extent of damage such action brings to the brands.

Sometimes, celebs face the ire from brand’s side for not conforming to the standards. Like Fair and Lovely’s case, where Yami Gautam was trolled on social. OR Maggi controversy during which legal action was taken against the likes of Big-B, Priety Zinta and Madhuri Dixit.

And right now, because of its brand ambassador, Snapdeal is suffering the wrath with 85,000 + app uninstalls and cumulative loss of 38 crores.

Is There Any Other Way Out?

Yes, there is. The easiest is to never have brand ambassadors. But that’s not a choice.

While brands need a celeb endorser to reach to the larger world, they also do need internal brand ambassadors who are trained to articulate their voice in the social space. Influencers can assert their influence on social media via responses against any negative news and views. Here, brand advocacy platform can play a crucial role in safeguarding its interests and save the brand’s online social reputation.

Where To Find Internal Brand Ambassadors?

Brands might find it difficult, but trust us; it is not a tough task. They just need to do is to keep their eyes open at work and find those employees who are passionate about their work. Next simple step is to train them and shield brands’ reputation in an uncertain situation.

Lessons To Learn From Snapdeal Fiasco

Ideally, Snapdeal could have activated its influential representatives, most importantly its employees, sellers and other people who are part of the Snapdeal ecosystem to seed in brand’s viewpoint around the controversy.
The problem is not just brand ambassadors. The problem is how to shield yourself for the day when trollers decide to unleash their wrath on it. It’s like the flood, earthquake and tsunami that you take insurance again and plan for.

Brands need to put a ‘crisis prevention plan’ in place, and have its employee ambassadors on an always ready mode. In this case, employees could have prompted conversations like, “Snapdeal as a brand doesn’t endorse this statement” to combat the negative influence collectively.

Many times, brands miss out these nitty-gritties on digital space and suffer huge losses. Next phase, they spend millions to wipe-off the damages over months to come.

But for how long will this ‘make and break’ cycle continue? Brands must learn from the recent case-studies and equip themselves against such social slamming. Do share your views in the comments section.

By Team Efluencr Nov 25, 2015

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