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An educational institution stands for values, ethos and beliefs. Each one has a set of doctrines that bind it together and make it a reputable institution among students, faculty, employees, parents, and alumni. Needless to say, E-reputation is an important facet to be adhered in the online world as far as an educational institution is concerned. As a part of a bigger world, it becomes really an essential exercise for a school or a university to build a positive perception.

Efluencr can actually help such institutions implement the values they stand for over social platforms. It is a world class brand advocacy platform that manages information, news, views and other informative chunks in a better way. The tool facilitates conversations around an institute and makes it desirable for the larger world. Regular updates published here can actually be used by all the institution evangelists to build its positive perception.

Schools and colleges can employ this innovative perception building tool to project themselves in a better way. Awards and accolades can be shared and this positive buzz can be amplified through Efluencr. Now, you must be asking, how it works? The tool equips various stakeholders, i.e. principal / dean, faculty, students and employees to build a buzz around the institute. Since they are associated with the organization, they collective feelings and experiences can easily work as an image building tool.

Students can take charge of showcasing the education standards through their illustrated personal experiences. May be in the form of a blog, tweet or a post. They can even publish the images over their social profiles. And even better, they can write about the subjects they are studying to project themselves professionally in the outer space. This will help them getting noticed by recruiters, or build a positive profile.

Teachers can extend the same role of building positive buzz around the institute. They can fulfill their role as a mentor, guiding students over social. They can publish the link to their research papers and present it to the larger audience. Their educational tours can also find a space in their social interactions. They can even update their peers and followers with the conferences they are attending, workshops and images of cultural programs as well. This will surely improve their professional worth in their social circle and contribute to the worth of the organization.

Principals or deans can play their role as a head of the institution to connect with their internal circle in a better way. They can write regularly on a blog, communicate with their students and teachers through regular newsletters and inform them about the updates and happenings in the education institute. They can lead the organization in a right spirit, and build a positive perception.

Needless to say, Efluencr has a set role for every individual involved with an institution. It leverages the collective power of the institution’s evangelists in building a positive perception. The advocacy tool has something for everyone as a takeaway. What are you taking away with Efluencr? Share your views.

By Team Efluencr Dec 22, 2014

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