Digital media is fast becoming about paid medium. While some really unique brands capture imagination and are able to move away from paid into earned and owned media, most others are struggling.

The answer that has always been proposed for this is constant content innovation. While we agree with this answer, we think there is more that brands need to unlock. Hence, we are expanding the terminology and power of digital media from paid, earned and owned media into another category called SHARED MEDIA.

“SHARED MEDIA – The share of voice generated by getting your employees, distributors, franchises, friends and family to share and promote your digital message.”

While brands have always tried to convert their customers into evangelists and share the brand message, we see most brands ignoring the powerhouse that sits within their grasp. Upon first discussions, most brands look at us with suspicion when we talk about shared media. And we get it. These people are fickle minded and have various concerns such as – How will the brand reach out to them? What happens if they vent it out in the digital space? How does the brand maintain that balance?

Though most of these are valid concerns, we have developed a platform and a process to enable the brand to achieve it. And we are already seeing tremendous results with it.

Think about this: Most brands with a 1000 employees can’t get even 5 likes from their employees on their Facebook posts or 5 retweets on their tweets! With shared media, the numbers multiply and it helps reduce reliance on paid media and gives brand better control on their reputation.

Currently, the brands rely on the classic media pillars, i.e. earned, paid and owned media.

brands without efluencr


With efluencr, an advocacy platform, we are adding another pillar, i.e. shared media, which when combined with earned and owned media can deliver increased visibility, better control over online reputation and the much needed virality element for brands.

brand growth with employee advocacy platform


What it results in is an incredibly reduced dependence on paid media and empowers the brands to become the champions of true evangelism. Instead of aimlessly buying digital media space, brands now can invest in rewarding their existing evangelists who form the core of their shared media pillar.
employee advocacy platform


Shared media adds tremendous credibility to your marketing initiatives; ensures you out do your competition without splurging on online ads; ensures you create and manage employee first and customer first framework in parallel; media that has the power of make any and every content of yours viral.

Yes, shared media is a thing! The next time you get a fancy presentation from an agency mentioning the same old charts of paid, owned and earned media, please do think, question, debate and decide upon shared media. It is the final cog in the wheel that you are looking for in your digital ride!

PS: Still not convinced? Well, you can talk to one of our experts and we will make a believer out of you!

By Team Efluencr Feb 04, 2016

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