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The swanky malls are indeed a fancy unit! They have made the shopping experience enjoyable and rich for the general public with global and Indian fashion stores, super markets, restaurants, movie theatres and entertainment zones. And with clever marketing strategies like social media, TVC’s, hoarding displays they have successfully engaged and pulled the shoppers out of their den.

Even more, mall designers and retail pundits in India put a lot of their minds to map out an ideal shoppers’ journey. So whatever mannequin displays, product counter placements and other retail communication you witness at the brand stores have a purpose – to ensure shoppers splurge…and splurge some more!

But even after all such conventional activities, malls have a question staring right back at them constantly – how to increase the footfall?

Let’s go back to the basics here – who sees an extra penny if there is increased footfall in the malls? Well, the stores in the mall do. So, the simple answer to how to increase footfall in the mall gotta be by empowering the stores to promote the mall.

Of course that is easier said than done. How do you empower the stores and what are stores? The stores are the workforce that is deployed in them. 50% of this store workforce carries a smartphone with a working internet connection and is socially very active on Facebook and Whatsapp at the least.

The concept is of extreme relevance especially considering the fact that India is poised to be the fifth largest retail market in the world and malls/stores are facing extreme pressure from their online counterparts. By 2018, the Indian retail sector is likely to reach at a whopping size of US$ 950 bn. With all such great numbers, each mall’s vibrant marketing attempts are likely to surge to a new level.

By Team Efluencr Apr 03, 2015

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