Brands these days are trying their level best to win the digital space. Right from their Facebook posts to blogs to tweets, everything screams out just one thing – “We are the best! Are you listening?” Most of the brands are also spending a large chunk of their marketing budgets on digital. But the problem is even with such huge spending the brands are not getting good ROI. Now that we have got the attention of the marketers, let’s decode the gaps in the brand’s digital presence.

Content is the king and effective communication is the key:

Yes, much to your disappointment, this still holds true! Content is a manifestation of communication which is responsible for translating the values, ethos, vision, mission and all other fancy terms that a brand stands for. Every post, every tweet works towards what the brand stands for. But the brands seldom realize this. For example, the tagline of Yatra was ‘Creating Happy Travellers’ but one look at their digital presence, you would know that the posters are shouting ‘Cheap Travels’.


Engagement is point driven:


Brands treat ‘a campaign idea with some amazing gratification’ as their messiah. But the problem is such engagement is highly point driven. Most of the brands do not care to even talk to their customers after the campaign. Such campaign to campaign approach acts like slow death for the brands. Random gratification might get the brand trending on Twitter but it doesn’t and will not help them increase their share of voice in the digital space.


Last but not the least; brands are not leveraging their existing evangelists:


Most of the brands aim at converting their customers into evangelists but the problem is the customers are just not interested. Fortunately, for any brand there exists a set of evangelists who are either salaried or incentivized by the brand itself. This consists of their employees, distributors, channel partners, in totality the friends and family of the brand.


The problem is that these people are clueless, doubtful and they lack time. For some the very idea of social might be scary! So, why not implement a brand advocacy system where these crucial elements of your brand are groomed for promoting you in the digital space?


And much to your surprise, your evangelists hold the key to your other two troubles listed above. They are the credible and authentic face of your brand. They live and breathe your brand. Most importantly, an individual’s profile has a reach which is 50% of their connections while the organic reach of a page is nearly 2% of the fan base.


So imagine if 500 employees go out and promote your brand message! The results will blow your mind away! With this even an Oriflame can be bigger than the Loreal’s of the world!


A brand advocacy platform is a critical piece which fixes the digital puzzle and helps them dominate the online world.  It is definitely the ‘must-not-miss’ piece if brands are looking for a 360 degree digital approach.

By Team Efluencr Nov 21, 2014

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