While Zomato told us that there are ‘two kinds’ of people, it took a parody campaign by Chai, Sutta Aur Woh to communicate that there are actually ‘three kinds’ of people.

The parody campaign did make sense and we wondered if we too can categorize the kinds of advocates a brand has. A series of researching, analyzing and head banging episode lead us to the conclusion that there are in fact ‘four kinds’ of advocates.

Let’s have a quick look at them.

1. The Originals

No, we are absolutely not talking about the American supernatural drama television series but we are referring to your existing evangelists. ‘The Originals’ are your employees, channel partners, distributors, in totality the friends and family of your brand who are incentivized to promote the brand. They are the credible face and voice of the brand and hence should be empowered to strengthen the brand’s online presence. The Originals are the primary link of a long thread of person-to-person communication.

2. The Crazy Crusaders

This advocate is in love with your brand. This set of advocates are loyal customers who have used almost all your products and completely swears by them. They believe that you offer a better service and higher quality than anyone else. Their passion and belief in the brand is what is of utmost value because loyal customers and brand loyalty are two very important aspects of business retention.

According to Technorati 51% of millennials say consumer opinions found on a company’s website have a greater impact on their purchase decisions.

3. The Goodie-Bag Collector

The goodie-bag collector would engage with you and promote your message if only you are running a campaign with some cool gratifications. This set of advocates are interested in point based or transaction based engagement. They will help you in promoting a particular campaign of yours but not each of them would convert into a loyal customer.

So, these kind of people are more often involved in content participation, brand campaigns and might or might not develop attraction towards the brand.

4. The Dollar Demanders

The last type of brand advocates are people who are paid advocates. These can be bloggers, celebrities, ambassadors, activists, basically a public figure in any field with a huge following. The famous or rather infamous guerilla marketers also belong to this category.

While ‘The Dollar Demanders’ require a huge marketing fund, a more genuine word of mouth can be created by the other 3 kinds, especially by ‘The Originals’.

We hope that you are continuously trying to empower the ‘first kind’ to help you increase your share of voice in the digital space beyond competition.

Talk to us if you need any assistance in this domain. 🙂

By Team Efluencr Dec 01, 2014

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