A hub of evangelists.

Your evangelists, i.e. your employees, distributors, channel partners are already present in the digital space. More often or not, they are also influencers in their space, thereby, controlling a lot of buying decisions of their family members and friends. Wouldn’t it be great to have all of them at one place and have them promote the latest product / deal that you have launched? Now think about the magnitude of the share of voice that will be generated and add to it the uniformity of messaging, the authenticity of the messengers and the increased probability of conversions. Mindboggling isn’t it?

Share of voice - This is precisely what defines and drives social success! Get your ambassadors at one place and witness the magic unfold right in front of you.

Be the master of your own content.

Brands were, are and shall always remain apprehensive about the kind of reactions their content will generate in the digital space. In this era of troll attacks, brands have an extremely tough time fighting them and warding them off.

With efluencr, brands can control its effect and affect to a great extent. Because all the evangelists are at one place, all that is required is, to send them refined, important messages with clear mention of the intervention required. This ensures that the evangelists are no more clueless and can help in effective promotion of the brand online.


Measure. Analyze. Incentivize.

Get complete visibility into the activity deck of evangelists. So, a franchise based business like McDonalds can analyse and compare the number of interactions / interventions done by a store X vs a store Z and incentivize the team members accordingly. It can extend this module to variety of gamification modules. An education institution can implement the same and gamify the digital promotional activity amongst its various program departments.

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WhatsApp Integration OR Mobile app.

Brands today have invaded every social channel in every possible manner but one of the spheres that they have been struggling hard to make a credible and non-annoying presence in is Whatsapp, Hike and other mobile messaging apps. The problem with these platforms currently is that a brand’s message is often reciprocated by clicking on the ‘block the user’ tab. One of the reasons for this can be traced to the fact that these platforms have not lent themselves for brand marketing yet.

And therefore this sudden, abrupt or should we call it borrowed-mass-database messaging is clearly seen as privacy invasion by the users. Yes, messaging today needs to have a human touch to it, but more importantly, for a medium such as WhatsApp which is highly person to person in a guarded space, it matters who the messenger is. Get the right messengers because you already have the medium and the message sorted.

With WhatsApp integration on our platform, we have upped the ante on a brand’s capability to activate evangelists and increase the message propagation in a dynamic manner.


Promote true evangelism.

Brands usually think that they are doing wonders in the online world by putting up engaging content, hosting regular contests and giving out freebies and goodies. Well, we feel terrible breaking this to them that while these methods work to a certain extent, it builds a short-term paid WOM for the brand but not enough brand evangelism. True evangelism comes when the collective voice of the existing brand evangelists are voiced out in an organised manner.

So, instead of spending marketing dollars into media buying activities or hiring an agency that will spread the word using pseudo profiles, brands can work smart by adopting the advocacy platform and empowering their true evangelists to generate an authentic buzz in the online world. This true evangelism helps brands deliver improved customer service, a higher retention rate of existing customers and faster conversion of prospective customers.

True evangelism – 1.

Guerrilla marketing – 0.

Spend less, get more.

Yes, you read that right! Well, we finally got the finance department to nod! (yay!) We are not completely writing-off the ad spends on social media, but we genuinely believe that efluencr can reduce the ad spends, boost content visibility and prompt user engagement at a fast pace.